Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14th: CCC #042 Tags Challenge - Sweet Summer

Sweet Summer!
Yes, It has been.
I cannot believe that It is mid August, whoa.

What is Summer to me? 
One of my happy places is out in boat, 
I don't get out often, but I truly enjoy it. 
I love the water. 

This tag was super fast, and a fave.
 I don't always like what I make, but I like this!

Head on over to to link up your August projects and a chance to win. 


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Camp Scrap Week 4: Mixed Media

Making tags is what I do when I'm stuck. 
They inspire my creativity. 
So tags for Camp Scrap, makes me happy. 

I don't own clear glossy gel or clear embossing paste. 

Great thing about May Flaum, you don't have to be exact. She gives different supply options for same technique/idea.

I used CTMH Liquid Glass,
and besides the tags, only scraps pieces on my desk.  

Camp Scrap Week 3: Mixed Media

I love playing with different textures and mediums. 

I love making cards. 

A mixed media card, well now. 

I didn't want to add too much buttons and bobs because I want to leave room for a sentiment ticket when I go to give the card. 

Different from May's, but I am happy with the results. 

But with a mixed media card, I had so much fun creating. 


Friday, August 8, 2014

Camp Scrap Week 5: Challenge

I know I am out of order. 
Not a big deal. 

What colour do I struggle most with? 

I'm sure you will say I have posted yellow projects before. 
I even opted to buy a yellow spray, thinking I need to use it more. 

Sometimes a piece or theme can be so overwhelming, I tend to over focus. 

This card uses yellow, the goal, but it isn't all yellow. 
But it didn't have to be. 
Once I let that go, the creativity flows. 


Camp Scrap Week 2: Challenge

Alter an embellishment. 
I'm all over this assignment!

I like to make things fit my purpose, I find making do forces me to bust out the super creative juices. 

I needed black alphas. 

I had these. 

And this. Very well used Slick Writer.

I altered to this. 

On this. 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Camp Scrap week 6: Art Journal

Another week 6 post.
Sniff, sniff. 
If you didn't join this year (& even if you did) you really need to join Camp Scrap next year. 
May will also be having classes and workshops before then. Be sure to follow her blog, and sign up for the Craft With May newsletter. 

This week's assignment was to be inspired by another designer. 
I started out with a Dina Wakley inspired face.
 When I was stenciling I had excess ink I did not want waste.
It became this page.
I plan to keep going with my journal, to keep me creating and inspired.


Camp Scrap Week 6: By Design

Oh no, Camp Scrap is almost over for 2014!
While I will still be showing creations from assignments, no new content. 
That's okay, I've still two sections to complete. I can be in denial for a bit yet. 
Here is my week 6 Page, again I went with a single page LO. 
I LOVE how this turned out!

I had this page in a made by me kit for a retreat last October, and it sat until last night because it needed something. 
A good design.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camp Scrap Week 5: By Design

More from Camp Scrap By Design. 
Oh I adore this photo. 
She's learning. 

There's corresponding photos of her subject matter, 
but they were printed too dark.
 They'll be added to another page when re-printed.

Camp Scrap Week 5: Art Journal

This week for Camp Scrap Art Journal:

I didn't follow the directions. 

I just did my own thing from the inspiration pieces. 
I didn't fully journal, but put enough on paper. 

Camp Scrap week4: By Design

More from me. 
In one day. 
If you haven't heard of May Flaum, you need to. 

Here is the week 4 page from the by design series.

(something wonky is happening here with photo, sorry)

I had originally intended to do a mini book from these photos, but it wasn't getting done. I am really happy with how it came together. 
Isn't that house darling?
I grunged the alphas to give them a dirty look.
 Happy I did. 


Camp Scrap Week 3: By Design

Me again. 
I'm finding it easier to complete sections of Camp Scrap 
at a time vs. the week aired.
Only because I'm falling behind. 
Thank goodness for self paced. 
Here is my single page:

Can you tell what embellishment package I am working my way through? 
I love this page. 
Not sure how I feel about the double page that is still on my desk. I continued scrapping when I should have been sleeping, and cut the green paper instead of the blue. However, the page is  nearing complete and the documenting of the tree is almost done, so that is always a plus. 
I doubt I'll be sharing that one ;)

Camp Scrap Week 2: By Design

Here I am again with more Camp Scrap postings.
 I'm enjoying the classes and videos, not entirely caught up, 
thankfully May Flaum is a go-with-the-flow teacher. 
This week's By Design was fun, I'm glad I finished my October retreat pictures. And the fabulous ladies allowed me to post their pictures. 

While the class shows three examples (& I did too for week 1, and future posts), the two pagers mean room for plenty photos. 
While I have plenty that would fit,
not all my friends and family feel comfortable being online on my blog, galleries, & Pinterest. 
I can certainly understand that. 
The cards, hmmm, maybe a post later with class inspired cards.

Friday, August 1, 2014

CCC 040:#InstaLove

August's monthly challenge at 
is: #Insta-Love, inspired by social media.
Oh boy, I have to admit, this is a tough one for me.
I have a Facebook account, and Pinterest, 
but not up on the other social media sites.
I rarely hash-tag. 
I love texting and fb messenger, does that count?

Don't forget to pop on over, be social, and enter your crafty #Insta-Love projects at