Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm a sewing machine. Now that's just plain punny.

"Laaaame". Yes Domonik I hear you. 
It's genetic. 
You shall inherit the lame jokes from not one, but both parents.
Sorry dear future grandchildren. 

And back to thought for post...
I've been sewing a great deal, due to a Pokemon/Skylanders/Lego/egg baby themed role play the kids have been playing for days since the rain began. 
I try not to sew on bright, sunny, beautiful summer days.

 Oh rainy days, I've got you. I live in Newfoundland, so I've got you. 

Well, anywhere in Canada this year...dear tangents, please keep yourself in check.  Can you tell I'm trying to catch up on the new Doctor Who before the 50th anniversary special? I'm typing a little like 10 (David Tennant) speaks. Which is amazing.

Right. Sewing machine. 
I'm going to be an auntie again, this time on my side of the family. My sister has posted it on her fb page, so I guess I can blog it. 

She wants a blanket. I make lots of "stuff", but not really skilled in this department. I have a few pins I have wanted to try. Sorry, no links, in on my phone. Guess you'll just have to follow me, ;)

I made this one from a table cloth panel. I loved it too much for that though. It was going to be a dress for me, but it said blanket. 

Then I made this one, I liked the quickness of making a giant block instead of many small. 

Too girly, and not knowing what she is having. 

I have a bag of dress shirt remnants that I have had sliced previously. Plenty more too.  Sewed together strips, squared up, sewed all way round together in sets of two, then sliced corner to corner. Creator of that trick is genius. Yet again no link. Sorry. Not finished yet, but soon. 

I don't do beginner or instructions well. I see a picture and go for it. The next project is my first attempt at a zipper. Really should read instructions. The stuffed animal cushion is another genius project, not designed by me. (Side note: People, by now you should have found me on Pinterest and my "sew this" board.) and don't look at background housework I'm ignoring it too. 
While it is genius, I don't see more in my future. 

Off to create some journals from my own brain. 

Stay tuned. 

Watch Doctor Who while you're waiting. 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh look, a ball. I must have dropped it.

As Missy B would say "ya think!" 
Her teenage years are going to be trying I'm sure. 

Yes, I've dropped the blogging ball. I haven't posted since I issued the challenges. A tad ironic, ya think?
Since I had 2 entries I'm sending them both a prize, yahoo!

No blogging doesn't necessarily mean I haven't been creating and enjoying life. It means I just didn't share it. 

Missy B had the dance recitals, and Kindergarten graduation. D had karate tournament (same day as one of the recitals), and character day (Doctor Who fans here). I've been volunteering at school,  having a yard sale, painting leopard print nails, and cleaning. 

Yesterday I started to show a friend how to scrapbook. She's a natural, she will create wonderful pages. 

It reminded me of what my mother tells me about how I see it as easy and believe it comes easy to everyone. It does, they just don't know it yet. 

Think of scrapbooking as an extension of your life.
 A layout is the same essentially as getting dressed in the morning; you pair complementing colours, textures and accessories. 
A layout is the same as a well decorated room, the placement of the furnishings, the fabrics, the artwork, and collected items. 

So you wear sweats and your house is a mess, that's great too. So do I. There are days when you try on 5 different shirts and hate them all; I do that with scrapbooking too. 

You have other examples of what would make great layouts. I bet your Pinterest boards are amazing. 

Find what you like and go for it. Relax and your style will follow through. You are the one that needs to love the finished piece (and love the experience of creating it). 
The only real rules have ever been: keep the products acid and lignin free. 


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Link up, there's a prize people!

Hey all! I spent most of my day in town, super foggy on the way. I was a passenger, not taking photos while driving. 

Weather really brightened up though. Warren and I had a great lunch at Montana's. 

And yes I do colour on the table. 


As some of you know I challenged a friend of mine( phone posting link, sorry) headed to a crop with the following:

1. Use a product she was so in love with long ago, but drifted apart from. 
2. Create a layout with hearts.
3. Travel the galaxy. Could be as simple as stars, or a misty background reminiscent of the Milky Way. 
4. Journal heavy. Could be short, but heavy in meaning; or long story. 
5. Find inspiration in her fellow retreaters. I know some of the ladies in attendance, they are fabulous. Crazy talent. Talk to them, look at their work, and let them inspire you, and follow where it leads. 

(Not at a scrap retreat, search Pinterest for a plethora of greatness). 

I also passed that challenge to all of you who wished to participate. Sadly, I haven't been able to complete them myself. But that's ok, it's not always about me ;)

I have a random prize draw for those who play along! 
Comment with your blog address (or Flickr page) by Monday, June 10th, 2013 for a chance to win. 

Don't forget to stop by Natasha Connolly's page to follow her creative journey. 

Don't worry about the rules as much; my goal is to inspire creativity, not cookie cutter layouts. Have fun, link up, and as always...


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Things I kept

It's official. 
I'm unemployed. 
The coffee shop is closed. 

I'm not sad. We had a great run. 

I'm still however trying to clean up. 
I kept a few things obviously. 

One being the gluten free grill. I made myself this amazing quesadilla for lunch with homemade guacamole. So good. 

And these glass jars. 

Which I've bought a few clothes pins to sort my ribbon. 

Here goes the next chapter. 

Did you follow the challenges from my last post? I plan the link up for this week, be sure to comment to let me know you have.