Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Fabric

I must admit I've been buying and gathering new fabrics.
 Plenty of them. 
Just a few from my current project:

I think I went into sewing withdrawals. Now that my studio and spare room are near complete, it's time to sort fabrics into drawers. 
However, the bins are stogged away into spare room closet and stacks in the basement utility room. Plus my gift certificate to Wave Creations from Christmas still. 
So I've just HAD to buy more! 
And was promptly given two more bags from Granny. 
I plan to only keep a basket of new or favourite fabrics in the studio itself, the rest into two dressers of the spare room. 
Wish me luck?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Missy B's Doll Tea Party

Miss B and I had planned a tea party to celebrate the end of the school year, but it had to be postponed to the end of Summer. It turned out to be a great way to start the school year. We still have two weeks before they go back, but still. 
The kids and I made play food in advance with help from Dad. 
We turned these: 

Into this: 
Crayola air dry clay into:

White glue and shot glass drinks, that really will take more than three days to dry in this humidity. 
B's doll ice cream creations:

I had made duct tape shoes and sandals from a few pins. Had to make a few more the day of for folks with different feet than B's. But quick and fairly easy. 

I laid out tarps, then blankets, coffee tables and end tables with table cloths. Large plastic wine glasses with ribbon tied name tags. 

The girls had fun, and that was the most important thing.
 They didn't need my interference to play. 
There was even a dead mouse to keep them occupied. 
 I did tell them not to touch it with their hands, lol.
 We have cats, so the occasional dead mouse turns up in our yard.
 It happens. 

 Please check out my tea party album here on Pinterest to find where our inspiration and tutorials came from :)

We had play tea sets from Granny's house, and serving dishes from my office. It was an amazing day, they're a great group of girls!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Missing in (blog) action. 
I was giving way to thoughts that I might stop Blogging. 
No posts do not mean no productivity, just that I haven't been sharing. 
I signed up for two of May Flaums online classes, haven't started either, but that will meant posts are on the way. 

Before my departure from blogging I was entering challenges and contests, I stopped doing those too. 
We have been enjoying our Summer, but no scrap time. I have made a few cards, knitting, minor sewing projects, house projects, road trips etc. 
and the biggun, finishing my studio enough to post. I feel it will be ongoing project, and never really finished, but I do feel it's 'there' enough to post. It's coming to the blog, I promise. 

Until then, what has been filling your time?