Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Missing in (blog) action. 
I was giving way to thoughts that I might stop Blogging. 
No posts do not mean no productivity, just that I haven't been sharing. 
I signed up for two of May Flaums online classes, haven't started either, but that will meant posts are on the way. 

Before my departure from blogging I was entering challenges and contests, I stopped doing those too. 
We have been enjoying our Summer, but no scrap time. I have made a few cards, knitting, minor sewing projects, house projects, road trips etc. 
and the biggun, finishing my studio enough to post. I feel it will be ongoing project, and never really finished, but I do feel it's 'there' enough to post. It's coming to the blog, I promise. 

Until then, what has been filling your time?


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  1. So glad you are back! I've been organizing my life and taking random trips!!


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