Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh look, a ball. I must have dropped it.

As Missy B would say "ya think!" 
Her teenage years are going to be trying I'm sure. 

Yes, I've dropped the blogging ball. I haven't posted since I issued the challenges. A tad ironic, ya think?
Since I had 2 entries I'm sending them both a prize, yahoo!

No blogging doesn't necessarily mean I haven't been creating and enjoying life. It means I just didn't share it. 

Missy B had the dance recitals, and Kindergarten graduation. D had karate tournament (same day as one of the recitals), and character day (Doctor Who fans here). I've been volunteering at school,  having a yard sale, painting leopard print nails, and cleaning. 

Yesterday I started to show a friend how to scrapbook. She's a natural, she will create wonderful pages. 

It reminded me of what my mother tells me about how I see it as easy and believe it comes easy to everyone. It does, they just don't know it yet. 

Think of scrapbooking as an extension of your life.
 A layout is the same essentially as getting dressed in the morning; you pair complementing colours, textures and accessories. 
A layout is the same as a well decorated room, the placement of the furnishings, the fabrics, the artwork, and collected items. 

So you wear sweats and your house is a mess, that's great too. So do I. There are days when you try on 5 different shirts and hate them all; I do that with scrapbooking too. 

You have other examples of what would make great layouts. I bet your Pinterest boards are amazing. 

Find what you like and go for it. Relax and your style will follow through. You are the one that needs to love the finished piece (and love the experience of creating it). 
The only real rules have ever been: keep the products acid and lignin free. 



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