Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Things I kept

It's official. 
I'm unemployed. 
The coffee shop is closed. 

I'm not sad. We had a great run. 

I'm still however trying to clean up. 
I kept a few things obviously. 

One being the gluten free grill. I made myself this amazing quesadilla for lunch with homemade guacamole. So good. 

And these glass jars. 

Which I've bought a few clothes pins to sort my ribbon. 

Here goes the next chapter. 

Did you follow the challenges from my last post? I plan the link up for this week, be sure to comment to let me know you have. 



  1. THis post makes me sad - but its new beginnings so look to the future and all its possibilities!

  2. Ditto what Cathy said!!! Enjoy your summer off ... on a side note, you guys made the best wraps!!


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