Thursday, May 2, 2013

Handmade presents!

I love getting handmade presents!
Giving them however is a different story. I feel as though they won't be enough or of the value that a gift should be.
This year my friend Alison had a special birthday (I'm not telling the number) and said her present from me had to be handmade.
So I stayed up all night and made the yellow bag in the first 2 photos (sorry, phone posting). Warren wasn't as impressed as I was with my colour choices.
I found a different fabric, and in 2.5 hours I had the finished project with a day to spare. She loved the orange bag, and said she would have liked what is now known affectionately as "the ugly yellow bag".
I plan to whip some up to sell in the coffee shop, or online, who knows.

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  1. Very cool - looks like she could fit a yoga mat in there? No?


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