Monday, November 24, 2014

December Daily Fail

So do any of you remember my December Daily from last year? 

See posts below:

I started really early, all prepped, I added the first 10 days worth of photos and that's where it's at still. Still. 

I have yet to start this years album, as I am not yet willing to admit it's almost December. 

So time to fess up, who has unfinished December Dailies in their collections? Who has started on for 2014?

Be sure to comment below this post by December 1st, 2014;and follow my blog on bloglovin. There may just be a commenter prize ;) 



  1. Haha Nope I can honestly say I did not finish mine, as I never ever started it. Maybe next year ;)

  2. Can't finish what I dont start lol

  3. I remember!!! I started late with my album this year... I don't even know what I am going to do with it!! LOL


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