Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Creative Blog Hop

Hi Everyone!
Another two post day, wowza.

My talented friend Cathy Caines, from In The Cat Cave
asked me to continue on the Creative Blog Hop
 (her post from last Sunday is in the link above). 

I took that as an excellent reason to start work on my 2014 December album. 
I may only have to album itself refinished, but you've gotta start somewhere right?
Inspired by a few other projects I just completed,
I kept on spraying the gold paint.

The blank Stampin' Up! album, which was already pretty, 
just was not what I had in my head.
 I turned this:

into this:

Creative Blog Hop Questions:

Question 1: what are you working on?

Many things at once.
I have last years December daily on my desk, well coffee table in from the TV, this years December daily next to it, not started insides but the notes taken; I'm knitting a TARDIS cowl; more wool on other sticks for presents; I've  got some red flannel ready to be ironed for secret project; cards for a local store; a quilt to be put together at Granny's; and ideas swirling in my head for more.

Question 2: How does your work different from others in your genre?

 I just know what makes me happy.
I don't think I have a specific style, I like to try everything, mix it up. I could do a very simple card and follow it up with layers and layers on top of a canvas covered in ink and paint and whatever else I feel like putting on it. 
I like to make patterns instead of following them.

Question 3: why do you create what you do?

Because I have to.
 I feel the need to create in the middle of the night in the middle of the day wherever I am. I need to be making things. There are times I create things for special requests and for sale. My best work is when I create it for me, but I don't always keep what I create. 

Question 4: how does your creative process work.

I have notebooks and notes everywhere. I don't sleep like a normal person. A bit of a moody crafter, if I'm not feeling it, next in line please.  I like to think and edit in my head or on paper first . But sometimes I just need to get my hands into the project. I'm one of those people that go to the fabric store and has to touch every bolt. I don't always know what I'm going to create when I start, I just work and see what happens. 
I touch supplies and they simply become something. 

Thanks for stopping by, next week another crafty friend Kymberley from ScrapHappens will be posting a project and answering the creative blog hop questions. Please head over and check her out.


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