Saturday, February 9, 2013

6th post, 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday baby girl!
*Give-away alert*
In honor of my 6th post, I thought it fitting to write it on my daughter, Bella, who recently turned 6. My kids are great when it comes to understanding the amount of work that goes into their parties. When they decide on a theme, it cannot be changed. We started planning not long after seeing one of many posts on Hostess With The Mostess(I’m a fan on FB, and follow on Pinterest, you should too!) While I often look at all the inspiration, this is my first year using them myself. When I saw the Art Party(original post no longer available), I thought “I can do this!” Bella really liked the idea as well. It was fun to brainstorm together and to see her interest in creating the party; her sketches of the aprons were really good.

Over the long time frame, we made aprons, brush roll ups, hair accessories, and different d├ęcor items. A lot of time is good for spreading the workload, but also for seasonal sales like school/art supplies go on sale in September. The aprons took the most time to make, but I was blessed with family helpers of all ages. 

The invitations were kept simple; Bella and I completed them together in an hour (or less). We also added cute stamped images (by CTMH, colored with my Distress markers and water brushes) to straws. We used real paint cans wrapped in scrapbook paper, with an empty one on top for her flower arrangement (her request).

Pinterest was a great source for ideas and tips, I’ve made a board that has some of the ideas I did use, along with some I wish I had more time for. The backdrop happened by chance. My business partner was cleaning our storage room and found some old signage. I taped them together, hubby added the wood base blocks, and I just taped fabric pieces. Super easy. We just attached it to the table with clamps from the tool box. The initial canvas was the finishing touch; it now hangs in Bella’s room.


We had seen the paintbrush rice krispie squares, and knew we had to do them in a gluten-free version. The idea for a paint can cake seemed simple enough, but I’m certainly not a cake decorator extraordinaire. Inside the delicious gluten-free, dairy-free cake were tinted bright colors. It was a hit.

Thanks for taking a look at Bella’s 6th birthday party! Want to win a loot bag like the little ladies that attended? Comment and follow here on the blog, winner will be announced in the next post.




  1. That was a gorgeous set up. You guys clearly put a lot of effort in the party. She is one lucky girl. :)

  2. eah, loving that backdrop!! I know we have talked about it for awhile but its unbelievable the work you do for the birthdays. Its so great that you love what you do. It really shoes! Of course, I am a follower!!

  3. Wow! You certainly go into alot of effort into creating a party! But Bella will remember these moments for such a long time.
    I want a party like that now!

  4. I meant to comment the other day when I read this, but i was on my phone and I always run into trouble commenting from my phone.
    Beautiful party. I wish we could still come to them. ;)

  5. Wow! Can you throw a party for me! How fun. Great blog as well!


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