Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back on track, to Sunshine...

Hey All, 
I know I have been M.I.A. with the exception of my DT posts for, and thank goodness for them! 
Without that kick in my pants I would have been completely out of the blogging realm.

I'm working on being a better housewife, mom, and person. 
A complete 'gutting out' of every room is required I think. 
More sleep has also been in the trial phase, but how anyone gets anything done with 8 hours sleep I'll never know!
I do my best work late nights. In front of the t.v., seriously. 

This page started without a specific photo, but the idea for a photo that captured my message.
I'm also trying to accept that each project I do doesn't have to be rushed. 
When I start something, I can't wait to finish it.
I want to accept that it's okay not to complete a project an hour. 
Quality over quantity. 

This layout took me a week. 


I added little things here and there, let the paste air-dry (F.Y.I. that rarely happens in my world, hardly used words in my vocabulary), assembled the papers in a way I liked, then let it sit again. 
Kiddos were playing this week, and I knew that it was time for my photo. 
The rest is history. 



  1. Love the layout Rhea....and I love the title because I love my "sun shine" too! - Rexene

  2. Beautiful Rhea!! Everything you do is beautiful, rushed or not! I love this background paper, what you did with the modeling paste, the distressing on the paper and the sequins- I have just discovered how awesome sequins are :) And I hear ya about the sleep thing!!

  3. What a beautiful layout! the distress contrast to the sequins is perfect. looking forward to your upcoming posts again :) we missed ya! Brande @ Scrapstorian

  4. Love the tea pot - no wonder you and I are friends... I love tea pots....


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