Sunday, April 21, 2013


I didn't blog yesterday.
I know when I began I gave myself the Wednesday and Saturday schedule; afraid that if I missed one the world would explode and I wouldn't keep blogging.
Well it wasn't that bad.
And see, I'm still blogging.
From my phone no less, so I cannot move the photos where I want them.

What have I been up to Saturday that I didn't blog?
A day trip with Alison, her mom, & my mom.
No, not the same person, contrary to what some customers think, we are not sisters.
The only photo I took was of Alison looking at an abandoned rundown house.
And of my runners that have red Stickles on them. Go figure.
Great Day!

This week my hubby was also surprising as he brought me back treats from St. John's. Monday I went to check the mail, and I had a pizza box of stuff from Paper Valise that he ordered during her recent sale. Sorry, no link, but google her!

Off to spend some family time.


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