Wednesday, August 21, 2013

T. A. R. D. I. S.

Time - And - Relative - Dimension - In - School....what?

(I know it's space, shhh. Play along).

We like to decorate the plastic pencil cases for the year with a fun name tag. Domonik is headed to school with a fabric one, so we didn't do his this year. 

Bella wanted the TARDIS.
How was I going to do that? 
I had used Cyberdrone (this site) for the paper TARDIS and Dalek for Domonik at the end of the year.
The artist at it is a genius, and much better at computerey stuff.
I figured I could just print it bigger and glue it on. 
My printer however, had different ideas. 
It printed it in periwinkle. 
Not good. 
I busted out some grass cloth textured paper in TARDIS blue, a couple trusty blue ink pads and my trimmer. 

I still used the windows and signage from the printable.
If I could find one of my silver pens we'd be set. But finished for now! 


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