Thursday, September 26, 2013

December Daily, whoa slow down!

*sorry if this posted multiple times!*
I'm not good at this type of book
I like to have my pictures first.
 I've made year in reviews, and sadly, still empty. 

I have a Tim Holtz Christmas mini organizer binder, still empty. 

This is the year I make a December Daily Album AND use it. 

I've said it out loud in blog land. 

Now I have to be accountable to the very few who read my blog.
I'm already biting my nails. 

So far I've cut my pages and put together the basic covers. 

Keep me on my toes people!


  1. i look forward to it!! You are one of my crafty idols so I will be looking to you for inspiration!

  2. Wow - you are getting going - I am impressed!!!!


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