Saturday, September 28, 2013

Packing up!

You heard me! 
I'm packing up my scrappy stuff and going on a road trip!

Well, not all my scrappy stuff. 
Hard decisions. I like in my house, working in any room I know my stash of ink, paper, and embellies are right down the stairs if I need them. 
I also feel like packing for crops falls in the same magical place as the tomorrows that will be super productive. It's also the time to think I will finally use that 10 year old sheet of paper. 

I've prepared 15ish page kits with a simple sketch of my plans, and a few mini projects. And enough supplies to create multitudes. 

I hope to be immensely creative while I'm away.
But even more so, I am excited about having a total blast with some fantastic ladies! 


  1. aw, crap, i wish I was going :( And you, besides being incredibly creative, are also incredibly organized! I cannot plan a page 5 min ahead of time, i always just wing it!! Have a fantastic time, and take pics to share so I can be even more jealous :)

  2. Oh Darlene, if my house was as organized as my retreat bag I wouldn't have needed so much time to search/pack! I'm an organized mess.


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