Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This weekend I certainly was not as productive as I would have liked.
 That said, I did try this pin and this one, while my dad and Warren worked on a new bed for Domonik based on this pin

I made Bella 4 pairs of leggings, 5 shorts (based on same idea), and 2 sweater skirts (1 for me). I fit in family time, got much needed sleep, read more from Lord of The Rings aloud to Domonik, worked on binding Granny's cards from her 85th, attached tattered floral card from this post to canvas, laid out card ideas, and stamped my name on a tag for an apron. 

I still felt unproductive. 
I am not bragging, or in competition with anyone other than myself. 
I expect a lot from myself. 
I want to do every pin on all my boards, as well as my own ideas, in one weekend. 

Deep down I know it's not realistic, that doesn't mean it stops the way I feel. I long for sunny Summer Sunday drives that will rejuvenate the soul, and give balance. 

For now I've got to go; it's time to get my knitting out.

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