Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As I said on Saturday, I've lost my spark for a while. My list gets longer, the "to-do" monster cares very little about my lack of creativity. I've offered to help with a project for this years dance recital, and I nervously tackled it this weekend. I was happy with the results, but won't be showing it here for now. I can tell you that I used this Crafters Workshop template.

If you've been following my blog you've discovered that even though I have scrap supplies in nearly every room of my house, I scrap on front of the tv on tray tables. You would also by now know I'm a tad messy, and my hubby is irritated. So it's no surprise when the wooden tables get artifacts left behind after crafting. The bottom corner of the table was totally unintentional, but perfect.

I've been slowly adding on purpose with stamps and markers. My fave so far is the leopard part.

After doing the stencil portion of before mentioned project I happened to be careless and lay used stencil, wet paint side down, on the table. Warren glared and had to say "seriously?!" Before I heeded. Then it happened. My spark ignited. I pulled up the template and just kept adding to the design on the table.

 Last step I added a Krylon clear spray paint overtop.

While he pretends to be mad, Warren actually didn't mind. With my newfound creativity I am working on some ATC's for an upcoming swap, ideas for cards are floating through my mind, as are apron patterns, and, and,.... I'd better get to work!
P.S. Here is a card for my Mom, inspiration from a Creative Chemistry Embossing Resist Challenge.   


  1. So. Fun. You guys make me laugh. I can just hear Warren now.

  2. I LOVE the table! When you think you have lemons, make lemonade ~ and one fine job you did ^_^


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